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The Cricket Trash

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South African Television airs teaser clips with the key phrase “we are waiting – bring it on”. I guess this capsule was done to create sensation, a sweet marketing ploy.  I love it. However at the same time I do smell sarcastic smear among South African commentators/cricket experts about India’s #1 place in the ICC – Test Cricket Ranking.  Dhoni and his men seem to get a left hand shake for their success.  Sarcastic chatter doubled after India losing the first test badly to South Africa at the centurion.  Few Ambitious ‘Mike Mohans’  of the commentary  team talked about a white wash by South Africa, which then would they move to place number one.  Yes, it was an ambitious thought, I don’t disagree.  (Ps: People who don’t know the term “Mike Mohan”– a Tamil character that became popular by just holding the microphone and lip-syncing.)

The test rankings cannot be a stroke of luck, there is an established system that has evolved. If someone does not believe the ranking system they simply don’t believe the game.  Indian team has played good ‘consistent’ cricket for few years now. Result of this consistency is the Ranking.  The day they become inconsistent they will go down the order. South African Television experts seem to label Indian cricketers as local bullies. Indian team accused for not winning aboard!,  Is it? Go back and analyze the statistics on series victories and losses for past ten years, from – 2001 till 2010.

Won: South Africa Home: 12 and Away: 9 | India: 12 and away 8
Lost:  South Africa Home: 4 and Away: 6 | India: Home: 1 and Away: 8

There is no drastic difference here to debunk Indian team’s achievement. South Africa has lost 4 series on their home turf, and have earned the title chokers.  South Africa is good team, but not a great team.  

England trashed Aussies. You are welcome to choose any of these words ,  – beating, blow, box, clip, conk, cuff, hammering, hit, injury, slap, smack, swat, swipe, thump, whack .

Rickey ‘the soon to be sacked’ Pointing sounded literally very down on the Cricket show. He was short of mentioning “he would be fired for sure“, he sounded very humble for a second, however as my buddy Balaji mentioned over the coffee machine “Humility is a must when you are flying high”, Dhoni downplayed the Durban win, a class sport.  

And finally

உடுக்கை இழந்தவன் கைபோல ஆங்கே இடுக்கண் களைபவன் VVS! The rescuer  

[From Thirukural, Couplet 788 – meaning: As hand of him whose vesture slips away,
Friendship at once the coming grief will stay]

We have just 3 -4 days to survive without cricket, I think it is manageable, hang in there.  A Very Happy New Year to all

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The Cricket Junkyard…

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Success breeds envy. Let us accept, Australian cricket is always envied for its success, at the same time when success gets united with “kosher” arrogance, it evolves to XXL hatred. It would not be an overstatement if I say that there is a global hatred for Aussie cricket.  This is because Australian cricketers have always traded fairness for success. This brutal pimp trade was often justified by using words like mental-aggression, mental-disintegration.  To be fair, let me state that others teams are no saints, however the level an Aussie cricketer does it is beyond compare.

Channel 9 Team often shines with the same on field arrogance, call it as ON-AIR arrogance.  My anticipatory bail – there are genuine commentators on the channel 9 team. I am only talking about the wolf pack that consists of Tony “really boring” Greg, Ian “cocky” Healy, and Michel “@#$@#$” Slater and few more.  Tony Greg often comments about India/BCCI not accepting the umpire referral system.  Every board has its quirks, and it is their right to agree and disagree.  

I feel the umpire referral system is not yet streamlined. There are use cases that needs should be addressed before the system gets deployed globally.

Here is a situation [use-case], Batsmen gets out but the umpire calls it a no-ball, and the bowling team captain goes for a referral to check if it is a no-ball.  The replay finds out that it was not a no-ball, the batsman is now declared out. In reality who knows if it had not been no ball as called, batsmen would have played it differently right?  He went for swing being it called a no-ball. So there are many ifs and butts attached to the referral system.  I strongly feel the decision to refer should be made by the umpires and not the captains at will. Captain can ask and umpire should have the right to deny.  

Yesterday Ricky “the whiner” Ponting was on the candid camera, he stood arguing with the umpires for about 15 minutes. The game came to stand still. Last time I saw such an argument was when I was 15, playing cricket at the SCG [Soma Sundaram cricket ground, T.Nagar Madras]. The referral system gave the decision and it was all over, Ricky Pointing had no business to talk to the umpire about the decision. This would a perfect example for “Dissent”. This video clip should be used for umpire training.  We have to remember this is not first time he talks in this fashion.  Any other player would be suspended for such offenses. For some reason Ranjan “spondylosis” Madugulle had no guts to suspend Ponting.

Finally, in the year 2007 Ian Chappell wrote an esteemed article in His gave sermons to one Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, asking him to retire at once.   Will the Father figure once again chip in sermons to the Australian captain?  Ponting’s batting graph is worse than what Tendul went through around 2007; does Ian Chappelle have the “libido” to advice Ponting?

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Lot of Money!…What to do with it….

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As I wanted to do the second part of my Enthiran Review, I said to myself screw it, Endhiran is a hit, whatever the critical folks says it does not matter. Bottom line Shankar! Made it happen, so what next? May be he should be directing the next 007 movie (Endhiran 111 [binary for 007]). It is time 007 being outsourced to India. We can decide the hero in coming weeks.

I was reading a lot of news on Google inventing a new car that can drive on its own.  Yes! World is still struggling to make people drive properly and Google has taken the bull by the horns.

I am skeptical [as often]. I think this as a diversion tactic to cover their privacy invasion.  I strongly feel this as an action plan to side track the privacy invasion issues Google has faced in recent times.  The so-called Automatic Car  would have the same cameras that shoot pictures for their street view. Calling it an Auto Car would divert the attention towards their so-called Excellence. Out of the blues why should they mess with an auto car? That too when major cars companies have somewhat failed at the prototyping stage.  Microsoft has worked with Ford but limited to dash-board controls only.

Assume Google releases such a device for the car.

Gootomatic ™ – Driver Distraction is not a problem anymore. Gootomatic is a device which would be retrofitted to any “supported” car. This device will be the auto pilot for your car.  Gootomatic auto-drive software shall be provided free of cost to the world, user should “accept” the following terms of service.

I,   ____________ [your name] accept to give Google with following details:

Your Address, Latitude and Longitude, Sun signs *using only for tarot reading.



0.        Details on where we are driving to,

1.         Who is travelling along? And their age. (if Car seat needed, check here [ ])

2.         What are you going to eat on the way?

3.         Which rest area you will be choosing

4.         Gas stations you will be refilling?


Google is not liable, meaning “you” are simply liable if the Gootomatic system breaks the law. You accept to sign up for the GIS – Google Insurance services and the [GTS] – Google Towing services., I accept to mount the Gootomatic 13 inches LCD screen on to my car’s dash. This screen would offer suggestions and guides during your travel. Everything being hands free you would be to check your email or watch you tube at your own risk.  Please note, “You travel could be monitored for training purposes” Warning: this system is not compatible with Toyota cars due to a conflict of interest clause on Auto-driving abilities.

After the Pilot for Auto-Pilot release, Google will be launching another one of its “pet” project called Google Gooup ™.  Gooup ™ would be a free service from Google, using the Gooup service. The pet owners will get a free pet collars via pet mart. The collar has a transponder device. Using the Google maps owners would be able to track the locations where the pet “pooped”. The ‘pet’ Gooup is long-term in house project available only to Google employees.  Using the same technology, Google will come up with products that would be solving the world’s utmost problem for every parent. ‘Potty training’.  Generally when Google invents or often [winkwink] re-invents old ideas, there is section of press that will go lady “gaga” over it and warn other software companies about Google taking them over. Here is a headline

Executives in Redmond to East Moline are searching for an answer: The promising Gooup products has pushed companies like Microsoft, Apple, Ford, Boeing,  Caterpillar, Deere and company to call for a general body meeting to counter this announcement. Executives are searching for answers.

Today Google also got into offshore wind and power generation. I guess they have a lot of money and they seem confused what to do with that kind of money. May be getting Director Shankar to make a movie for them,  call it G’oondotharan [Endhiran part 2] for which I will write a mind-blowing review.

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Enthiran – Review Part 1

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Forgetting every bit of the hype and few left hand reviews, I walked into the theater, 1st in the line to watch Enthiran , the Robot.  The movie opened the same way every Rajini movie opens with all its color and pomp, fans [including yours faithfully] howling and screaming when Rajini’s name appeared using nickel-plated fonts. My daughter flabbergasted to watch her dad yelling and screaming like a 12-year-old.  Been watching Rajini movies from late 70s, just like my age the spirit for Rajinikanth seems to have multiplied.  

Rajinikanth, the actor:   I am yet to come out of the euphoria. It took me some time to realize the scientist and the Robot is the same person acting two different roles. There was an enormous separation of performance.  Rajini performance was beyond compare to any of his past roles. He is a damn good actor.  Rajini has raised the bar for himself. I was able to see feel and enjoy Rajinikanth seamlessly performing 3 different types of protagonist in the script.

Scientist Mr. Vaseegaran is a humble educated person without the usual stunt, style aka Rajini’ism. He is a very calm passionate, focused and little proud on his invention “The Robot”. He is a smart well-educated guy with a gorgeous looking girl friend. Just like you and me.  🙂

Next the Robot Chitti, first half [or alpha product release] is all about the nice Robot. He is a machine doing things to make us laugh, Chitti does things as coded and he does not attach any form emotions. He blindly follows the algorithm or the protocol and does things as programmed.   ‘It ‘ is a machine that looks like a human. Rajini excels in this role. He comes out well with an extra ordinary body language. He displays subtle mechanical mishaps when human emotions cuts across artificial intelligence. Without displaying emotion, he generates the emotion and gets the sympathy from the audience.  

Everything changes when the Robot goes Rouge, Rajini’s body language and acting evolves to vigor, lust and becomes the summation of total wickedness. The Audiences now are more worried about the fate of the poor scientist who created him and his ‘wow’ looking gal Aish. Events before and after this part is simply shock and awe!   The part where he tries to find the intruder is interesting. He calls for the spinners, and spinners get the break through to find the black sheep. Rajini performance as the villain stands out and shall be remembered for ages to come.  No one other than Rajinikanth could have done justice to the roles in such a grand manner and scale.

The is termed as the first Sci-Fi  in Tamil , I vaguely remember the old MGR flick Genova had traces of  Sci-Fi ideas like UFO , fighting aliens etc.  Catering science fiction or complex subject to various sects of audience is quite a task. Even top sci-fi writers will find it hard to convince to person deep down in village of southern India. Almost 90% of the time the so called élite movie makers will hide behind the cloak purchased from ‘ABC’ cloth center. They would blindly brand we don’t address C center, B is fine, A is our market etc.  This is pathetic. If you ask me for a genuine story-teller there is nothing called ABC. Ramayanam or Mahabharatham has materials for anyone and everyone.

Sujatha wrote a story called Computer giramam  [கிராமம்] (Computer Village) Rocket scientists tries to set up an Earth station for satellite tracking. A remote village in deep southern India seems geographically suited for this task.  Exactly at the same co- ordinates a tree would hinder the satellite line of sight. Company doing the installation plans to get rid of the tree, however people around the area worshipped the tree as their saviour and would not permit it. Villagers believed that there was a spirit or ghostly being (‘muni’) (முனி) living on the tree, people believed that the ghostly being is the sole savior for their prosperity. The story was about convincing the villagers to get rid of tree without insulting or disgracing their beliefs.  

The next person in the movie I like to discuss had a similar task in hand. His palette was wide and he had to cater across various minds and brains.  The Sci-Fi idea should reach and impress everyone regardless of their education, technical knowledge, or Age etc.  Diluting the complexity in the right proportion is what Sujatha is all about, the great man gone, Director Shankar was left to do it on this own.  Shankar not only passes the exam but with gold medal.

To be continued…

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Reality TV..

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Reality TV shows are kind of plague. TV and Media world is busy thinking about the next best reality show, to aid those noble reality thinkers I decided to chip in a new concept for a reality show.  Who knows it could click like the new apple mouse where you never hear the click but believed it clicked.

Before going to the concept, the first task on WBS [work break down structure] would be to find the host for the show.

You need for look for people stereotyped or branded as chatterbox, talkative [வாய்யாடி] by their elementary school teachers.  Another basic eligibility here we look for is the host should be ready to take caffeine over doses, if needed the show producers will be pump cappuccino intravenously. This is a cost saver plan that would enable the host to be high, hyper active and their antics would be an involuntary action.  Besides, caffeine is legal and cheaper than crack.

Next step is to find people with very low self-esteem, there are well documented methods to find such resources. Like such as someone spending their life savings towards fair and lovely should qualify.  Gather 40 such losers and arrange them in a pyramid on a platform. Each one of them would hold a suit case with various logos and other symbols. By this we open the door for contestants who are illiterate or dyslexic.  They just need to spot the symbols. Ancient Sumerian hieroglyphics language has its advantage, Tamil Paper  – II eliminated,  students would welcome this language. Besides, Tamil punch dialogues like “Sketch podu” will make more meaning. I digress, back to the show.

Every suit case would contain a statement.  For example, 

i)              Sun TV produces quality programming
ii)             Jaya TV is politically unbiased
iii)            Vijay TV has less advertisement than other channels
iv)             Kungumam is the best known literature to publication kind etc.
v)             Tuesday Drama on Doordharshan was the mother of all Tamil TV serials.
vi)            Top 10 movies program on Sun TV is absolutely unbiased.

And so on.

The motive for the contestant here is very simple, they need to pick a box by pointing at the logo, the loser holding it will open the box and the computer will read the statement in the box, this task surrounded by a lot jarring music and artificial tension.  Contestant must guess if the statement inside the box is true or false, for every right guess the contestants get to choose next box, money doubles for every box, a wrong guess would kick them out of the show.  If you are wondering the title for the show — quite simple à “Pella” or NO “Pella”  [ பீலா OR NO பீலா ]  For people who are not familier to tamil slangs, the world pella means lies or bluffs.

Finally, On a serious note, why is Rishi on Deal No DealA [is this English or Tami?] is so hyper and acting like an over active balder? I saw him once defending about the skills needed on the show, dude it is mere guess-work, please do not bring in probability into the picture, even a M.SC Math gold medalist would find it difficult to predict the outcome.  Today this show is more Feelings’A or Over FeelingsA, producers seem to patronize sadness and worries.  If you ask me, “This show is an utter waste of time”  or just say it is a stupid game show that is popular,

Check this wiki, before  agreeing to my claim à make your choice , “pella” or no “pella”  [ பீலா OR NO பீலா ]

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Sound Track Preview —

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Hippo Productions Nenu..Prema..Puli (Telugu Feature Film)

I am proud to present the full preview of  sound tracks [2 songs] from the feature film. 

Please visit to listen to the preview.


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